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Neüe Méthode Fermentation Project is an ongoing sensory ritual thought up in a fevered dream by brewery madman Steven DiEva (also the Founder and Brewing/Creative Director of Foreign Objects Beer Company, Production Director of Bald Birds Brewing, and Founding Culinary Director of Tired Hands Brewing), with art design, magickal illustration, and sage counsel contributed by Co-Owner, darling cohort, and femmè d'esprit Ryan Vai. Neüe Méthode Fermentation Project is the natural evolution of a decade spent in the brewing industry learning and developing the multitude of skills required to brew exceptional beers!  Neüe Méthode is inspired by artistry, quality, and creative expression that can, and does coexist with the art and craft of brewing beer!


Neüe Méthode Fermentation will focus on old-world ungespundet lagers conditioned cold in oak-barrels, modern opaque IPAs, thick rich imperial stouts, and beautifully crafted true American Saison. Yes, Neue Methode Fermentation has a mission to revive true Saison!


Sensory Rituals to Salve our Perpetual Entropy!



Ryn & Stvn

Neüe Méthode Fermentation Project

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